‘Stacking the Deck’ with Jill Segal & Patti Allen

AbatonKeysBoxCards-ShadowTHIS WAS OUR 2015 WORKSHOP:

Jill Segal & Patti Allen
Creating Wisdom Cards To Tap Into and Express Your Artist Heart


In this exciting, innovative workshop you will have the opportunity to use dreamwork, collage, painting, meditation and learn to do intuitive Wisdom Card readings with your own deck!

Wisdom cards build on the age-old tradition of Tarot and Oracle card decks. In them you will find the technology of your heart and soul.

Through creative exercises using collage and paint, you will use them to by pass your left-brained rational mind and draw out your innate wisdom, insights, and your creative artist heart. Wisdom cards enable you to get out of your own way and find the answers you need while helping you mine the “vein of gold” within for creativity and inspiration.

Sacred Spaces # 10In this workshop you will
• Connect with your creative Heart
• Access your intuition
• Download inspiration
• Express your authentic self

No previous art experience is necessary!
3 glorious days to connect to one’s authentic self, embark on a creative journey and create a deck of cards that expresses your unique wisdom.

Jill, in her own words: Painting is my passion, and my form of self expression. My acrylic and mixed media paintings portray my delight in and reverence for the natural beauty of the world around me. They express my belief in the sacredness of nature, the inherent energy in and around us, and the interconnectedness of all of life. My art, like my life is not about the destination. It is about the excitement of the process, and the journey.

About Patti: patti-allenPatti’s magic is her ability as a true weaver. Patti has gathered the strings and patterns of my life and has woven for me the quilt that is my story.”

Patti Allen has a rich and varied background in the healing arts, education and public speaking. Certified as a Soul Coach, Rubenfeld Synergist and Reiki Master, Patti runs a successful private practice using these body-mind integrative techniques. Patti served on the teaching staff of Seneca College in Toronto in the field of Holistic Health for ten years. With a specialty in facilitating dream groups, she has presented lectures and workshops on this subject. She holds a Master’s degree in Humanities from York University where her research focused on the use of dreams in ancient Greece. This knowledge helped in the creation of The Abaton Keys©, a dream healing oracle deck.

Patti has appeared as a frequent guest on television and radio where she teaches the public to work with their dreams, including serving as “dream expert” in a 13-week television series called “In Dreams”, on W, the Women’s Television Network.

Jill Segal-12 copyAbout Jill: Jill Segal is an award winning professional artist and an accomplished and popular art and yoga teacher. She lives in Toronto, Canada and conducts demonstrations, classes and workshops, in acrylic painting, collage and a combination of yoga and painting, for numerous art associations and educational institutions, locally and internationally. She has co-facilitated many workshops on spirituality and creativity, and has taken groups of artists on painting trips to Peru, and South Africa.

Jill is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists and a signature member of the Toronto Watercolour Association.  She has participated in many juried and non-juried shows and is represented by galleries in Ontario, Florida and in the Caribbean.


Workshop Schedule:
Our retreat starts Sunday, August 30 with a 5:00 reception, gourmet dinner and an introductory talk by Jill and Patti.

Please DO NOT come earlier as we will be setting up, unless you are staying on-site, in which case you may access your room at 4:00. There will be time to set up your space and unpack your materials after the opening dinner.

The workshop runs Monday and Tuesday, 9:00 to 4:00, and Wednesday 9:00 to 2:00 with delicious snacks and lunches each day. An hour of yoga follows each workshop day on the banks of the Noisy River. We have a limited number of yoga mats to share, so please bring your own mat if you have one.

The studio will remain open every night until 10:00 PM for the duration of the workshop for those who want to work into the evening.

The workshop concludes Wednesday, September 2 after a late lunch and wrap up.

Materials List:
• Dream journal or notebook, pens and/or pencils, coloured markers
• 5 Magazines (National Geographic or others, for collage)
• Bristol Board (white, minimum of 4 sheets)
• Acrylic (your choice of colours)
• Paint brushes (a variety of sizes)
• Water containers, roll of paper towel, apron
• Scissors
• Good quality glue sticks (2)
• Yoga mat

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Creating Wisdom Cards To Tap Into and Express Your Artist Heart